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Rotary Buffer Tables

Rotary buffer tables or even buffer plates serve basically three processes:

• orderly supply of products
• disordered buffering of products (e.g., pouches)
• orderly buffering of products (e.g., bottles)

All buffer plates are made of brushed stainless steel and are available as standard with the following features:

• Table diameter 1200 / 1400mm
• Rotation speed adjustable between 4-19 revolutions / min
• Standard working height of the table is 810mm
• Height adjustment over the feet +/- 40mm
• Connected load: 0.18kw / 0.7A; 380V 50Hz


Optionally, you can choose

• Design for light or heavy products
• mobile version with rollers instead of feet
• individualized height of the table

concave plate with a frame for heavy products
Convex plate arranges the products on the outside and facilitates the removal
Plate with side guide for an orderly lateral guidance of your products
flat plate for uniform product transfer to a conveyor or for a sorted stringing together of your finished products
concave plate with a frame with rollers for light products


The plate as well as the construction of the complete rotary buffer table can be customized:

An extract of the possible options:

• Plates in slippery plastic or stainless steel
• Plastic rollers in stainless steel
• any heights can be realized
• Product introduction customizable
• Product discharge customizable
• Double guidance of the products
• Exterior cover panel specific
• wide product feed over portions of rotation

Let us develop the right solution for your requirement.

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